I have a rant…

I do have a rant today, which has been bugging me a great deal. Farmers… I do apologise if any farmers are reading this article, however here goes. In the UK there have been several areas flooded, specifically in the south west, which are rural areas primarily used for agriculture.

I have no problems with farmers or the work that they do, as far as I am concerned they do a hard job and they do it well. However there has been publicised anger over the way the government, or should I say the Environment Agency have been dealing with the flooding in the area. The farmers and surrounding community believe that the governmental bodies should have been doing more and investing more money to prevent and help reduce the impact that the flooding is having on the area. They are suggesting that the rivers in the area should be dredged, in theory this would give the rivers an increased capacity and reduce the flooding in the area.

There are a number of problems with this idea, one being that the rivers are tidal, so after the dredging had finished, the incoming tide would merely bring all the silt and sediment back into the river, defeating the point. This is unless the rivers were dredged very regularly, which would be very expensive and not efficient. There would also be a chance that this would not prevent the flooding, this failure has been seen in other areas of the UK. Which would in effect be a very expensive failure, for the government and therefore all those who pay taxes.

It also raised another issue for me personally. It is the farmer’s land, they are making a profit from the land, they own the land, therefore shouldn’t it be their responsibility to manage that land and ensure that there are drainage systems in place to reduce the effect of the flooding out of their own pockets? It seems that they don’t want to invest their own money into improving their own land and that the UK should use tax payers money to do so instead. If they don’t want to invest their own money, fair enough, but don’t expect someone else to, if they don’t like that, then sell up, given todays tough times I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for someone who is willing to invest that money, to then make the profits.

A run per day!

Today I decided to start running again for an upcoming fitness test, with great anticipation and excitement I got the trainers and began to pound the pavement. After literally two hill sprints the bitter cold air began to blast freeze the back of my airways and my lungs, creating a very unpleasant sensation. After this I decided to forget the hill sprints and just continue jogging, which lasted approximately 5 more minutes before the extreme nausea kicked in. This reduced things to a mere walking pace, followed by a nice half an hour in bed to regain control of my stomach!

The whole experience did not come as much of a surprise, leaving me partially to blame due to the latte and curry which was consumed no more than 20 minutes before the jog/walk! In future more consideration will be taken, in relation to what I consume before cardio activities.

House of Spacey


Roughly a month or two ago I decided to subscribe to Netflix, which was quite the life changing decision. Discovering such gems as Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, I would delve deeper into those shows, but right now I am watching House of Cards. HC is fantastic, never before has politics been portrayed in such a stylish and suave manner, which makes the whole scene become cool. Having already recently watched The Usual Suspects, and been awed by Kevin Spacey’s performance, HC takes this to a new level. Kevin truly gives an iconic performance. The female role cast choice is another highlight of the show, choosing doe eyed starlets which immediately draws the audience into their character. Just another reason why Netflix is slowly taking over my life!

Allow me to explain…

I am JJ, human and not machine. I currently feel like I am letting life pass me by, slowly aging, with panic and realisation slowly sinking in. I feel like everyone around me is living their life and I am stuck in a rut doing nothing at all with my life. This might be a common thought process for many aged mid twenties, with all those dreams and aspirations of youth dissolving into the mundane and ordinary of day to day life.

So tonight I have made the decision to blog some of my life into the void of the online realm. I will also include articles and discussions based upon whatever tickles my fancy, whilst allowing the viewers of all nations to critique and judge my words and the media I have chosen to share.

Clearly I am new to the blogging environment and have no previous experience of online thought sharing other than my minimal use of Facebook. For this reason my articles may be slow and tiresome to read to begin with, however I will hopefully get into the swing of things through practice and with that become a more entertaining writer for you all.

I look forward to blogging some more and viewing some other blogs,

That’s all for now folks!